Chris Till


Currently working on a novel set in that faraway Summer of 1985, Chris Till lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

  1. everything is different! did you change the layout?

    • Yes, I’m experimenting with different layouts. I’m trying to find one that has multiple tabs, besides just the single “about” tab, so I can stash various 1985 pictures in there.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog on LSD

  3. What happened to this novel? Did it get published? Also, I saw some of your thoughtful comments on a blog post about Altamont, specifically regarding Bill Fritsch (aka Sweet William). Very interesting. (I met him last week.)

    • Wow. Novel never published. Finished first draft. Got sick of it. How did you meet Mr. Fritsch? How’s his health? Any photographs? Someone should interview him, don’t you think? Thanks for noticing, Chris

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